A letter to a friend about my english learning experience

by Adam Lutostański

Dear Anthony

My name is Adam. I live in Warsaw, Poland’s capital. I’m 1,75 height and have black hair. I also wear black clothes. My hobbies are sport, history, foreign languages and architecture. I’m writing to let you know about my English learning experience.

Nowadays I study English at University. It’s my second time I do it. First time I didn’t finish my studies. I regret that. Now I would like to graduate.

The other reason for my studying is that I like foreign languages and have an easiness to learn them. English wasn’t my first foreign language I started to learn. It was German. I started learning English at private classes. There were many teachers that conducted them. Sometimes lessons were more demanding, sometimes less but I always had fun. I didn’t speak English that well then. I was worried whether I didn’t start learning English too late. Fortunatelly, I managed to reach the proper level of language abilities at my high school and at the course at Mike Mills school I was attending before my First Certificate of English exams. Only then I felt I’m able to get to University to deepen my knowledge of the language of Shakespeare. I liked my studies for not only learning the language but also for the fact that it showed me how the language works. I liked linguistics classes as well as phonetics and phonology. I particularly liked that I learned such rules like devoicing. I felt right then that I know English at a level better that an ordinary Polishman.

Studies were fun not only because of classes but also because of friends. I had many friends and we formed a group that used to go to parties together. We also were going on trips and journeys together. One time we visited a place well known to me even before the times I met my new friends. In my primary school I had played in the theatre before my whole school. I had been a member of a theatrical group for pupils. I had had a great time. It was great to see that same stage with my friends from University. I told them a lot about my experience of playing a part on stage.

Best Wishes


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