Haunted House

by Adam Lutostański

Anthony staggered across the road, hardly aware of what was at the side of the road he was approaching. He had drunk a lot of beer in a nearby pub and was now not fully sober.

Lightning flashed and then thunder rumbled, which frightened Anthony. He frantically waved his hands and caught a metal fence. Some black cat wailed and dashed into the yard of the house behind the fence. What was worse the cat was holding a souvenired golden watch in its mouth. It was Anthony’s watch given to him by his dad. Anthony decided to chase the cat.

The door banged as he rushed into. Owls began to hoot and leaves rustled. The wind howled. Anthony walked towards the house. The door was open. The staircase creaked. Flames from the candles that hanged below the ceiling crackled, then roared and ignited Anthony’s trousers. He saw people in the dark, who then disappeared. He put down his trousers and went to the end of staircase. His heart was pounding. He thought he saw a siren then. But the siren changed into a witch mumbling something. He shrieked and she hissed. „Where am I?” he asked himself.  The witch continued to talk. He started to understand something from what she was saying. „Where have you been? You were supposed to take the kids to the party in the school” – she yelled.

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